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Heavy industrial applications expose hydraulic cylinders to harsh, intensive conditions, resulting in severe wear-and-tear and damage that
impacts performance or shuts down machine operations. Replacing your compromised cylinders with new ones can be costly and time-consuming...

Neeraj Industries focuses in building life long relationship with their customers by guiding them about the new technology used for reconditioning by the use of new updated infrastructure and R&D for the area of reconditioning.Our objective is to satisfy our valueable customers by our quality and with the best and cheap way of reconditioning.

Neeraj industries always try to make their customer group get satisfied by their unmatched service on the site as well as off the site as required by the customers.

We always provide our customers with warrenty for our repairs in running hours or by time durations likewise bi- monthly, six- monthly and yearly as well.

Since last 22 years we have growm as a reconditioners of hydraulic cylinders, piston Rods, Hard chrome coatings. We believe in minimum loss with maximum output to the users.

We basically emerge as service engineer for the users. We usually create a bonding between the user and us by our performance of work and by our services. We have a team of experts who can very easily handle all the technical flaws and can solve it by the time or if the job needs to be reconditioned they immediately send it to the workshop for further actions.

Neeraj industries always belived in building long term commercial relations with the customers.